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According to the latest survey of USA, approximately 95% of the males are suffering from the male pattern baldness, among this 95 %, 50 % are overage men whereas the 50 % are those unfortunate cases, that have young age men with extreme hair loss that leads them to the baldness. Androgenetic or alopecia is the alternate name of the male pattern baldness, the highlighting cause of this problem in men is due to genetics, and there is no other medical reason for this male pattern baldness. However, the other reasons for this hair loss are the medical treatments, telogen effluvium disorders, or the consequence of another sort of fatal trauma, are till now the high lighting causes of this bald.

What is the scalp ink?

To meet the desire of the customer\’s hue these micro-pigmentation inks are specially blended. Which are selected by considering the hair\’s tone of eyebrows coloration, skin tone, and facial hairs. Unlike the tattoo’s ink, these pigmentations are made from the composite sources, which gives you a more natural look and won’t separate apart into green and blue colors after some time. In addition to this, the compositions of heavy metals are very low. Since this ink is extremely near to the surface of the skin so that’s why the scalp ink in Melbourne is more vulnerable to the UV radiations.

About precision scalp micro-pigmentation

Apart from your circumstances, all of our practitioners and experts are extremely passionate about helping those who are suffering from severe hair loss. Each of our members has dealt with customer’s confidence issues, and this is the reason why we have invented this outstanding Scalp Micropigmentation

Moreover, at precision scalp micro-pigmentation our every technician work with the passion to meet the demands of our clients. Since they can understand how serious this issue is, and from which emotional phases they are passing through. We can understand that choosing such type of option is not easy and that’s why our every practitioner has the full range of options, so they can help you to choose the best option from the range of our series. Hence if you want the scalp micro pigmentation then you can trust us with closed eyes.

Every member of this team knows the delicacy of the hair transplant decision, we can understand that most of our customers are not comfortable to talk about this issue easily. However, they know very well that after passing through a single treatment they will have the best results but still they resist to talk on this topic. But the great news- is we know exactly what sort of phases you are through and what exactly you want. Moreover, we have helped thousands of men in this recovery and to give them their self-confidence back by giving them a long-lasting solution. We have provided this amazing solution to the worst problem of the majority out there at affordable prices. SO, don’t wait a minute just dial our number and fix your appointment.

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August 29th, 2019 by Floyd Gunn